This section contains items for Pigeon fanciers and breeders. Also consumables for Chicken vaccination.

  • Includes Newcastle (PMV) and RotaVax vaccine.
  • Equipment such as Vaccinators.
  • Consumables such as needles and vitamins.




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Poulvac Newcastle Vaccine 500ML 1000 dose

Product no.: SCPVACNEWC1K

Polvac IK Newcastle Paramyxovirus Vaccine - 500ml 1,000 dose bottle (inactivated vaccine) - shipping by courier only

$295.40 *

Nobilis NEWCAVAC Vaccine 500ML 1000 dose

Product no.: SCVACNOBNEWC500ml

Nobilis NEWCAVAC (Newcastle/Paramyxovirus) Vaccine 500ml, 1000 dose bottle - shipping by courier only.

$297.00 *

Rota Virus Vaccine 30ml 100 Dose

Product no.: SCVACROTA30ml

Rota Virus (Rotavax) Vaccine 30ml, 100 dose bottle - shipped by courier only. Also available in larger 300ml bottle (1,000 dose).

$95.80 *

ThaMa 223 Vaccinator for Pigeons

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM223

Popular vaccinator for Pigeons PMV and Salmonella, set up out of the box with 0.5cc dose suitable for Polvac PMV vaccine.


$115.50 *

Bottle and Connector for ThaMa 213 & 223 Vaccinators

Product no.: IFS213-45

Plastic bottle suitable for NEC223 and NEC213 Vaccinators. Contains: plastic bottle, with luer lock attachment and rubber stopper.

$24.35 *

LUER LOCK DISPOSABLE NEEDLES (select size) (Needle Size: 18G 3/8" (9.7mm) DISPOSABLE needle)

18 Gauge 9.7mm (3/8") and 20 Gauge 6.35mm (1/4") quality disposable needles

$1.10 *
In stock

Rear Rubber Stopper (Only)

Product no.: IFS213-44

Rear Rubber stopper (only) for vaccinator bottle for Nec 223 and 213 vaccinator bottle. Rubber is flexible and seals vaccine in the bottle. 

$7.92 *

Breeder Vitamin Mineral Tonic (BELLBREEDER)

Product no.: ALLBELLB

A broad spectrum Vitamin mix in a super soluble form ideal for stress support and just before breeding season.

$21.00 *
In stock

Solvita Vitamin mix 1 kg

Product no.: ALLN00385

A unique complex blend of vitamins and trace amino acids for excellent results in breeding and stress relief. 

$79.50 *
In stock

Pigeon Coop Type A - Swing Door crate

Product no.: GIO0111002

Pigeon Coop (Type A) which has a Swing, Drop down Door for easy release of birds. Sturdy, UV Stable pigeon carry crate.

$242.00 *
In stock

Bantam/Pigeon Transport Crate

Product no.: GIO0112001

Bantam or Pigeon carry Crate. Crate is divided in two with spring release doors atop the crate and a slide door on one side.

$105.00 *
In stock
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