Breeder Vitamin Mineral Tonic (BELLBREEDER)

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Bellbreeder contains vitamins, minerals, amino acid tonic, and electrolytes in a super soluble form for chooks, quail, game, ducks, turkeys and pigeons. A complimentary mix of multivitamins, minerals and electrolytes to assist parent diet and improve hatchability. Ideal for breeder flocks, conditioning, anti-stress applications, day old chicks and pigeons recovering from sickness or stress. Use in your poultry drinking water to help your birds re-hydrate and recover during times of extreme temperatures, stress, illness or injury. Usage rate is 1 gram per litre of water. Bellbreeder is not neccessarily chicken medication but should be seen as a proactive treatment for flocks, especially breeding flocks during summer heat. 200g pack.

Ideal as a general purpose vitamin supplement for the following purposes
1/ Breeder conditioner use 5-7 days before collecting eggs for incubation.
2/ Exhibition conditioner, and stress relief prior to travel to shows.
3/ Anytime the birds are stressed, disease, travel, vaccination, changes of feed or management, eg weaning from brooding, change of chick to grower feed, coccidiosis treatment.

Composition Vitamins, Electrolytes and Amino Acids.

BELLBREEDER performs the following:
- Has a role in normal protein synthesis.
- Is involved in the normal digestion and utilization of dietary nutrients.
- Is involved in normal reproductive performance.
- Has a role in normal energy metabolism and growth.
- Has a role in maintaining cellular integrity and health nerve and muscle function.
- Has a role in assisting in the maintenance of normal appetite and bodyweight.
- Has a role in normal general metabolism, nervous system and reproductive function.
- Has a role in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

** Manufactured for Bellsouth locally however may take a week or so to come in depending upon availability of raw ingredients.


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