ICU's and Brooders

ICU's and Brooders

Rcom Curadle Pet Brooders and ICU Bird Brooders are innovative and designed to provide an appropriate environment for companion pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets and injured animals. Curadle Pet Broodes and ICU Bird Brooders all have automatic temperature and humidity controls with large, easy to read displays, making them very easy to use. Each design comes in 2 sizes with and without Nebuilzer attachment ports (nebuilizers available separately).

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Curadle 60 (small) Pet Animal Brooder ICU (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMMX-B60N

$1,245.00 *

can be shipped within approx 8-12 Weeks

Rcom Curadle 90 Pet/Animal Brooder ICU (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMMX-B90N

$1,460.00 *

can be shipped within approx 8-12 Weeks

Bird Brooder ICU Small (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMBS50M

$1,130.00 *

can be shipped within 10 - 12 Weeks

Bird Brooder ICU Large (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMBL50M

$1,325.00 *

can be shipped within 8-12 approx Weeks

Rcom Kingsuro Eco Brooder

Product no.: RCOMK20NB

$279.00 *
In stock

Rcom Curadle Pet 02 Brooder 90, Pre-order

Product no.: RCOM02B90

$1,550.00 *

can be shipped within approx 8-12 Weeks

Maru Universal Egg Basket (Single)

Product no.: RCOMC38-H756-10

$22.00 *
In stock

Nebuliser and Compressor for Pet Curadle

Product no.: BOC00116

$198.00 *
In stock
inc Gst exc delivery