Egg Handling Equipment

Egg Handling Equipment

Eggscargo and Lindamatic egg handling system for egg collection, egg transport and egg handling.
This neat systems from Europe allows collection of eggs direct onto plastic 30 egg trays, then safe transport back to the Egg Grading room.

Egg trays that suit both systems


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Folding Egg Crate

Product no.: ZJKK6333257W

$39.00 *
In stock

Lindamatic Egg Crate

Product no.: GIOA10197

$65.00 *

EZ Reacher 32 inch tool

Product no.: EZR5501

$38.00 *
In stock

Egg Tray Grey Standard 30

Product no.: GIOA10708

$2.00 *

Egg Tray Blue Quail Standard

Product no.: GIOA10682

$2.50 *
In stock

EGGYPLAY EGG CARTONS, 12 Pack Mixed Colours

Product no.: GIOA10711-12

$12.00 *
In stock

Egg Tray Jumbo 30

Product no.: GIOA10403

$2.00 *

Peeco Egg lifter head HANDLE only

Product no.: P102

$276.00 *
In stock

PEECO 6 Egg Lifter Head

Product no.: P180

$534.00 *

Egg Tray Blue Standard 30

Product no.: GIOA10553

$2.00 *

Egg Crate Multibox White or Dark Green

Product no.: SK104G3120

$49.00 *

Vacuum Egg Lifter 12 Egg

Product no.: PVELM12

$523.20 *

Vacuum Egg Lifter 6 Egg

Product no.: PVELM6

$398.00 *

EZ Reacher Tool replacement Cups (pair)

Product no.: EZR5562

$11.00 *
In stock

PEECO 30 Egg Lifter Head with silicone cups

Product no.: P100

$1,285.00 *
inc Gst exc delivery