Egg Candler

Egg Candler

Egg Candling tests for egg fertility, incubation humidity and egg quality.

Our new LED candler lamps give about 3 times the light output of traditional egg candlers. These new egg candlers have a high level output that is suitable for the purpose of testing eggs. The addition of our moulded soft covers ensures minimum light leakage around the egg. Two sizes of cover are supplied. The construction of the lamp allows the testing of eggs individually, without removing the eggs from the incubator trays. Testing should be conducted in darkened rooms for best effect. Adjust the focus to about the centre of the egg. Place the light beam on the side or preferably on the large end of the egg. The beam will illuminate the contents and allows for observation of the following:

  • If the egg is fresh, stale, or has blood spots
  • If there are hairline cracks that will prevent correct incubation
  • If the egg is fertile ( after about 1 week of incubation)
  • If the eggs are developing correctly during incubation
  • If the incubation humidity is correct during incubation.
  • Learning to properly "read the egg" using a candler is one of the best long term incubation skills you can aquire.

For further information on candlingfollow these links


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