Bellsouth Poultry stocks and supplies ThaMa Vaccinators, we also have a large range of needles and spare parts for these vaccinators.

There are single and double dose vaccinators in stock and we can order in specialised pig and fish vaccinators as needed. For more automated vaccinators we can order in compressed air vaccinators for when vaccination many birds at a time.

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ThaMa 210 Vaccinator

Product no.: IFSINJECTNEC210

$115.50 *

Fowl Pox Needle, part #45

Product no.: IFSINJECTFP12NE

$29.95 *

ThaMa 220 Preset Vaccinator

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM220

$112.25 *
Product data sheet

ThaMa 223 Vaccinator for Pigeons

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM223

$115.50 *

ThaMa213 0.1-2ml adj with bottle

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM21320

$127.05 *
In stock

Poulvac Newcastle Vaccine 500ML 1000 dose

Product no.: SCPVACNEWC1K

$295.40 *

Spares Kit for Fowl Pox 1CC Vaccinator

Product no.: IFSINJECTFP10SK

$18.50 *
Product data sheet

Nobilis NEWCAVAC Vaccine 500ML 1000 dose

Product no.: SCVACNOBNEWC500ml

$297.00 *

Rota Virus Vaccine 30ml 100 Dose

Product no.: SCVACROTA30ml

$95.80 *
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We stock and supply ThaMa vaccinators. We also supply Philips vaccinators and keep some parts for Phillips



Needles for animal vaccination purposes, usually Luer lock needles. Stainless steel available, but mostly plastic disposable



Pigeon (Poulvac, Newcastle) Vaccine and all items needed including Vaccinators and vitamins