Rota Virus Vaccine 30ml 100 Dose

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Pigeon Rota Virus 30ml (100 dose) bottle of Rotavax Vaccine. 

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  • Storage - needs to be refrigerated (do not freeze).
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  • For dosage and administration details refer to the product label. 
  • Note - This is shipped with freezer blocks to maintain integrity of product.

‚ÄčTiming of Vaccination is crucial. With most vaccines but not all, it is usual to give two initial vaccinations. With the two initial vaccinations, timing is crucial. The first dose sensitizes the immune system and the second dose starts the antibody production. The second dose is recommended 4-6 weeks after first dose. Without the second booster dose the initial vaccination onlyl protects the pigeon for a short period of time, probably just weeks. The booster, second dose, vaccination prolongs the protection period so that the pigeon is covered for about 12 months. An annual booster is then required to provide cover for a further 12 months. 

Remember that it is important to keep Birds as seperate as possible unitl the vaccine takes effect. This includes things like keeping stray birds out, avoiding group tosses and not racing 2 year old birds before the young birds have been fully vaccinated. 

If also vaccinating for PMV it is recommended and safer, to separate the RotaVax from other vaccinations by at least a week. 

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