Following is a list of Spare Parts and Accessories that are suitable for the larger, cabinet Rcom Maru Incubators and Hatcher/Brooders.

If you need a particular part or accessory for your Maru, which is not shown, please contact us. We are continually ordering from Rcom so if the item you need is not in stock we can certainly order this in for you.


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Maru Universal Egg Basket (Single)

Product no.: RCOMC38-H756-10

$22.00 *
In stock

Maru Egg Setting/Hatching Universal Basket Assembly (ASM)

Product no.: RcomMaruUTRAYASM

$59.00 *
In stock

High Accuracy ASTM Thermometer (F)

Product no.: ASTM18F

$246.00 *
In stock
inc Gst exc delivery