Cabinet Incubators & Brooders

Cabinet Incubators & Brooders

These larger, Commercial Incubators and Hatchers are imported by Bellsouth Poultry direct from the manufacturer. Here you will find quality products from both Rcom and Fiem, both of which are tried and tested, quality you can rely upon. Ideal for those wanting a to do staggered batches and larger commercial volumes.

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Bird Brooder ICU Small

Product no.: RCOMBS50M

$1,130.00 *
In stock

Bird Brooder ICU Large

Product no.: RCOMBL50M

$1,330.00 *
In stock

Rcom Maru 380 Hatcher/Brooder

Product no.: RCOMB50HB

$1,452.00 *
In stock

Fiem MG 140 Incubator

Product no.: FIEMS140ADS

$1,420.00 *

Nebuliser and Compressor for Pet Curadle

Product no.: BOC00116

$198.00 *
In stock

Rcom Maru 380 Deluxe Incubator (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMC38MX

$2,340.00 *

can be shipped within 8-12 Weeks

Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe Incubator (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMC19MX

$1,775.00 *

can be shipped within 8 - 12 Weeks

Rcom Maru 100MX Hatcher Brooder Deluxe (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMB20HB

$1,050.00 *

can be shipped within 8-12 Weeks

Rcom Maru CD 1000 Deluxe Incubator (Pre-Order)

Product no.: RCOMC1KMX

$4,425.00 *

can be shipped within 8-12 Weeks

Rcom Curadle Pet 02 Brooder 90, Pre-order

Product no.: RCOMMX-B90N02

$1,550.00 *

can be shipped within approx 8-12 Weeks
inc Gst exc delivery



Spare Parts and Accessories suitable for the Rcom Maru range of Incubators and Hatchers/Brooders.