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The Fiem MG 140 Incubator has a cabin made of stratified materials (steel) with laminate finish. Fully automatic, this larger, commercial style unit is ideal for Breeders, Hobbyists and Free Range Farmers. Suitable for Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Duck, Quail and Partridge eggs.

  • The MG 140/200 incubator allows for the automatic turning of eggs with proper setting trays, and metal cradles suitable for housing all kinds of eggs.
  • Universal Trays are suitable for all different kinds of eggs, of various dimensions. Special springs are included to allow for any gaps from missing eggs (help keep eggs in place).
  • Temperature is read through °F precision thermometer and a wet-bulb hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the incubator. They are both equipped with removable case which keeps them protected and allows for a easy cleaning
  • A porthole on the door provides for a perfect view inside the incubator
  • An internal light allows for easy inspection of the eggs
  • A decimal-precision digital thermostat allows for easily and accurately adjustments 
  • The MG 140 model incubator, with combined incubation and hatching compartment, has been conceived to perform a weekly hatching cycle.
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Fully electricially certified and supplied with Australian hardware  
  • Includes Double T/H Probe - Temperature and Humidity sensors inside the machine are completely separated and disconnected to maximize reading accuracy and reliability
  • Due to the size and weight of this item it can either be picked up (by prior arrangement) from our Hastings warehouse or shipped on a Pallet/Skid (please advise in comments section if you have a forklift onsite to assist with unloading, if you don't delivery will need to be made to somewhere that does - ie your local courier depot, produce store, etc). 


The electronic control unit with backlit LCD easily allows for managing the full range of advanced parameters listed below:

  • 5°C to 45°C (0.1°C decimal accuracy) range temperature is regulated by LCD electronic control unit with proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID), that provides for an absolute     temperature precision inside the incubator
  • °C/°F immediate conversion
  • Maximum temperature alarm
  • The LCD electronic control unit can perform the digital reading of humidity expressed in RH% (range 20-99%) and on demand, if connected to an external humidifier (not included).
  • Ventilation intensity is fully, and digitally, adjustable according to the different incubation phases
  • Language selection: Italian / English.


Humidity and Temperature sensors inside the machine are completely separated, and disconnected, to maximize reading accuracy and reliability.


Capacity is shown below for the MG 140 Incubator - both as a Setter (shown in bold) and a Hatcher** :-

  • Duck, Chicken  -  140 / 45 eggs
  • Pheasant  - 160 / 50 eggs
  • Partridge, Quail - 600 / 125 eggs
  • Turkey - 120 / 45 eggs 
  • Goose - 36  / 12 eggs (Note - a specific tray is needed for Goose eggs which is not included)
  • Internal Tray Size 480 x 480 mm

​** Hatching Baskets sold separately $32.80 (incl GST) each. Please advise via Comments section if you need trays and how many. 

Technical Data

Power Supply


 220-240 / 50-60

Power Consumption





 520 x 600 x 620

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