Poultry Health & Medication

Poultry Health & Medication

Health products for poultry, chooks, ducks, turkey's quail, game, pigeons and other birds. Long standing Poultry Health products such as piparazine and amprolium, non prescribed medicines, natural Chicken health maintenance including probiotics,molodri, and vitamin supplements. We do have one chook treat as well, a pecking block, and pecking stones for behaviour management, mainly for Poultry egg farming management,  along with Victorian made, naturally brewed apple cider vinegar for Chicken gut health plus to help digest grass. 

We also stock a range of professional hand operated Automatic vaccinator guns and needles. Professional Fowlpox vaccinators with vaccinators suitable for pigs and even fish vacinators.  We do stock PMV vaccine (Poulvac) for pigeons.

Our Vaccinators are used for Mareks vaccination, to name one treatment, dual vaccinators are used for mixing vaccine and for muliple vaccinations in one go. The dosages are adjustable either through a change of "piston" or "on gun" adjustment. We can source air operated vaccinators as well.



Vitamins. Bellsouth offer a range of broad spectrum vitamin mixes,dependent to some degree upon the age of the bird and the type of chicken.

Coccidiosis control

Coccidiosis control

Coccidiosis is the most common of all brooding problems. A common time of appearance of this disease is at about 8-10 weeks. 



Caution disinfectants: All disinfectants to be considered poisonous. Handle, use and dispose of carefully.



Respiratory disease control See information sheets on summer respiratory disease and the diagnosis of respiratory disease



Worming poultry is important, and the right technique is essential. We sell dewormers for poultry and birds.

External Parasites

External Parasites

Products to assist in controlling external parasites such as lice and mites which can be a serious problem

Natural Management

Natural Management

Organic/Natural  pest control and health products. We add into here when we are more than sure  items work.

Vaccinators, Vaccine, Vet Equipment

Vaccinators, Vaccine, Vet Equipment

Vaccinators, Vet' equipment, needles, syringes, automatic syringes, vaccinator parts, fowl pox guns

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Breeder Vitamin Mineral Tonic (BELLBREEDER)

Product no.: ALLBELLB

$21.00 *
In stock

Virkon Disinfectant 50g sachet

Product no.: ALA203320

$12.00 *
In stock

ThaMa Fowl Pox Vaccinator 2CC

Product no.: INJECTFP20

$111.65 *
Product data sheet
In stock

ThaMa Fowl pox gun with twin needles 5cc

Product no.: INJECTFP50

$242.00 *
In stock

ThaMa 223 Vaccinator for Pigeons

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM223

$119.90 *

ThaMa213 0.1-2ml adj with bottle

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM21320

$127.05 *
In stock

BAT2 Scale kit

Product no.: BAT2

$5,000.00 *

Solvita Vitamin mix 1 kg

Product no.: ALLN00385

$98.50 *
In stock

Levamisole Hydrochloride 500g

Product no.: ALLW00075

$292.60 *
In stock

Oxymav B (for Birds) 100g

Product no.: IFSOXYMAVBP01

$22.00 *
In stock

Avitrol Plus Wormer 100 Tablets


$17.50 *

Leg Pigment for Exhibition 100g

Product no.: BSLP100

$17.00 *


Product no.: IFSINJECTTM220SK

$18.00 *

Levamisole Concentrate 100g Wormer

Product no.: ALLW00071

$62.00 *
In stock

Amprolium 200 100g

Product no.: ALLC00020

$24.00 *
In stock

Thama222 Dual Syringe with Canula

Product no.: IFSINJECTTM222

$360.80 *
In stock

Poulvac Newcastle Vaccine 500ML 1000 dose

Product no.: SCPVACNEWC1K

$245.00 *

Solaminovit Vitamin Amino Acid Liquid 200ml

Product no.: ALLN00315

$28.00 *
In stock
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