Piperazine Wormer 100g powder

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For the treatment of round worms (Ascaridia spp.) – one of the most prevalent and important intestinal worms of poultry.

  • Piperazine has a wide safety margin and is suitable for all chickens, turkeys, ducks and pigeons
  • No withholding periods.
  • If your birds are also infected with Heterakis or Capillaria spp. we recommend using Levamisole Concentrate instead. This is a broad-spectrum wormer but has a lower safety margin and requires a withholding period before the slaughter of meat birds.
  • To determine if your birds have a high worm burden, and the types that are present, we suggest purchasing a Parasite Diagnostic Kit.



  • 200mg / kg (1g per 5kg bodyweight)
  • Use 1kg of Piperazine to 2,500 birds with a bodyweight of 2 kg.
  • Administer in medicated water over a 6-8 hour period.
  • Remove all other water sources during this period to ensure correct administering of product.
  • It is recommended to repeat administration 6 weeks later when there are known worm burdens.



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