Incubator Repairers

Incubator Repairers

We understand that sending in your incubator to us can be difficult especially when you consider that posting in, having the unit assessed, waiting for repairs/parts and then sending back to you can take time and money. This is made worse now that post delivery time frames are taking much longer than what they used to.


To help, we have put together a list of independent Incubator repairers:-


Western Australia

Peter Proposch, 0416 130 651, 


Budget Electronics, Gino Borg, 21 Lighthorse Crescent, Narre Warren Vic 3805. Phone: 0427 350 709 Email:  



New South Wales

Caldwell Electrical, 250 Pound Street, Grafton NSW 2460. Phone 02 6643 1499

South Australia

Godfrey's Electrical Services, McLaren Vale SA 5171. Phone 08 8166 4275




** Please note that the above listed companies are not associated or affiliated in any way with Bellsouth Poultry Eqipment.

PS - if you have used someone previously, or know of an Incubator Repairer, please ask them to contact us. We are always looking people as passionate as us to help with incubator repairs.