Poultry, Chicken and Bird Drinkers

Poultry Drinker System Parts

Poultry Drinker System Parts

The range of Lubing components, cups and nipples,  seen  also in Drinker Kits. Make your own poultry drinker system.

BEC Poultry Drinkers

BEC Poultry Drinkers

Long standing company BEC poultry drinkers, including BEC75 bell drinkers and Chick drinkers.


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Automatic Drinker (Small) with Float

Product no.: GN71003

$35.00 *
In stock

Cage Cup 250ml hard wearing plastic

Product no.: BSCAGECUP250

$5.50 *
In stock

New Look Manual 4.5 litre Drinker

Product no.: BSNL001

$22.00 *
In stock

Feathertouch Nipple for Quail

Product no.: BMSLU-4078

$3.00 *
In stock

Eco Recycled 1.5L Chicken Drinker

Product no.: GN10921

$9.00 *
In stock

Metal 12L Chicken Drinker

Product no.: GN12029

$89.00 *
In stock

Lubing 4007 Auto Combi Cup

Product no.: BMSLU-4007-00

$9.50 *
In stock

Poultry High Water Drinker Cup

Product no.: BMSLU-40071

$6.40 *
In stock

4007 Dual Drum Kit


$40.00 *
In stock

Automatic Bell Drinker Waterer

Product no.: GN11000

$64.00 *

Cage Coop Cup

Product no.: BBA8353

$5.25 *

can be shipped within 1-2 Weeks

Triangular Nipple Drinker Kit


$55.00 *
Normal Price  $82.00
In stock

Tripod Auto Drinker 20ltr

Product no.: GN10890

$79.00 *

Bird Cage Drinker, with 3 Litre Bottle

Product no.: GN45015

$21.00 *

Tripod Auto Drinker 40 Litres

Product no.: GN10885

$109.00 *

BEC 75 Hanging Drinker

Product no.: BEC75

$52.00 *

Tripod Auto Drinker 30ltr

Product no.: GN10895

$89.00 *

4025 Nipple Dual Drum Kit

Product no.: 4025DD

$27.00 *

BEC Duck Drinker with Float

Product no.: BECHDDD1900AUT

$176.00 *

Plasson Breeder Bell Drinker

Product no.: PL2103250

$72.00 *

Pigeon & Chicken Drinker/Feeder Trough 50cm

Product no.: GN11615

$19.90 *
In stock

BEC75 6mm Tee Piece

Product no.: BECHCMS077BK

$4.65 *

BEC 1kg Feeder RED * Stock due Soon

Product no.: BECOSPHCBC226

$9.00 *

BEC Drinker and Feeder Stand * Stock due Soon

Product no.: BECOSPHCBC200

$12.50 *
inc Gst exc delivery

Poultry, Chicken and Bird Drinkers

Poultry Feeders and Drinkers are many and varied. Bellsouth has a large range of feeders and drinkers on display and many parts for most drinker systems. If you cannot find a particular item you are looking for please contact us.

For more information on chicken drinker water pressure, please read our article on drinker water pressure.

For further information on Drinker Systems please read the history information sheet on drinkers.