Lubing 4007 Auto Combi Cup

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The red Lubing 4007 chicken drinker cup with yellow float is made in Germany. It is designed to maintain a small amount of water in the drinker cup all the time which reduces evaporation of water. Our chicken waterer cups are unaltered because the manufacturer, Lubing, knows what they are doing and there is no reason to keep extra water in the cup to heat up and collect more dust. Handles up to 300mm of water pressure only. They are in this category despite being automatic chicken waterers becuase they can be used on a small scale in cages and brooders.

For more on installing these drinkers please check out our installation notes

Suggested use of a 4007 red Lubing drinker cup. Example photo shows recycled bottle with its lid, connected to 4007 drinkerThis is ideal in a brooder with 15 day old chicks per cup, or in a cage with one or two birds. Excellent method of recycling old bottles. Use any substantial container with thick enough base to allow a good thread to hold the cup. Uses 4007 cup for chicks drinkers  and poultry drinkers, with an option of the 4009 drinker cup for large comb birds, or a 4025 nipple if wet litter is not a consideration. Also can be used with rabbits   See how to attach 4007 to recycled soft drink bottle with lid - for more drinker information, options and a printable version if the installation note please check out  Drinkers-Brooder-Print-version


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