BEC Poultry Drinkers

BEC Poultry Drinkers

Bellsouth/Farmer Little import and stock a range of the UK's quality manufactured BEC poultry drinkers, including the ever popular and reliable BEC75 bell drinkers.

BEC (Osprey Ltd) have been manufacturing for over 50 years and all of their Game and Poultry rearing equipment production is carried out to audited procedures, ensuring reliable, quality products. All products are of the best quality and are made from UV Stabilised plastic.

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BEC 75 Hanging Drinker (Pre-Order)

Product no.: BEC75

$54.00 *
In stock

BEC Duck Drinker with Float

Product no.: BECHDDD1900AUT

$176.00 *

Valve Washer for BEC75 Drinker

Product no.: BEC411818

$2.20 *
In stock

BEC75 Pipe Saddle Assembly

Product no.: BEC412747

$6.50 *
Product data sheet

BEC75 6mm Tee Piece

Product no.: BECHCMS077BK

$4.65 *

BEC Drinker and Feeder Stand * Stock due Soon

Product no.: BECOSPHCBC200

$12.50 *

BEC Maxicup Drinker

Product no.: BECHBC375A

$22.00 *
inc Gst exc delivery