Roll away Nest Boxes

Roll Away Nest Boxes

Roll Away Nest Boxes

Rollaway nest boxes help keep your eggs cleaner and safer. The normal rule of thumb for chicken nest boxes is one chook nest for 5 birds, many backyard poultry keepers will need only one nest box.  We can help with rollaway nest boxes to suit up to 50 birds, or indeed further on up to thousands of birds.

Nest Boxes with rollaway eggs allow the eggs to stay clean, stop chooks eating their own eggs, stop crows etc from stealing eggs, keep the egg cleaner. We have a wide range of chicken nesting boxes, and almost all include rollaway egg functions.

SKA Rollaway Nests

SKA Rollaway Nests

Nest Boxes for small producers, and smaller free range, alternative or organic farmers. allow eggs to rollaway.



Rollaway nest boxes for 4 or 5 backyard chooks. Quality UK made Plastic  lock together rollaway nests

SKA Avio Rollaway Nest

SKA Avio Rollaway Nest

Nests for free range and barn laid farms. Avio colony nests , sold per module, or combination thereof 

Nest pads and Slats

Nest pads and Slats

This folder contains Astroturf and slats to assist farmers in getting clean eggs and reducing workload

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SKA nest 2 hole

Product no.: SKA2H

2 hole rollaway nest suits up to 10 birds, Rollaway nest as seen on Better homes and gardens. No need for litter or 'pads' in these nests

$145.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 9 kg

Osprey outside nest - brown

Product no.: OSPONB

This nest box is made from UV treated plastics, has a roll-away nest system and allows for very easy cleaning.

$88.00 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 9.75 kg

SKA 10 Hole Rollaway Nest

Product no.: SKA10H

10 hole rollaway nest for 50 layer hens. 5 nests on top of each other. For producer, breeder and hobbiest.

$360.00 *
Delivery weight: 40 kg

Avio Colony Nest Single Module for 250 birds

Product no.: AVIO250

The Avio colony nest is practical for the farmer and comfortable for the bird, and contributes to cleaner eggs for the consumer.

$1,700.00 *
Delivery weight: 260 kg

SKA 4 Hole Rollaway Layer Nest

Product no.: SKA4H

4 Hole rollaway nest to suit 20 layers. Mostly used inside the chook pen, hung on the wall.

$214.50 *
Delivery weight: 16 kg

Orion poultry Slat

Product no.: Orion

Want to keep your eggs cleaner, use poultry slats to create a floor or at least an approach to your nests to assit in knowing of dirt etc.

$27.50 *
In stock
Delivery weight: 2 kg
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