Test, Measure & Check

Test, Measure & Check

Products to assist in poultry management and research. Here you will find accurate egg incubator thermometers, meat chicken scales and a range of other useful poultry keeping and productivity tools.

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Bellsouth 100 Thermometer

Product no.: BSB100TH

$35.00 *
In stock

Economic Digital Poultry Scales

Product no.: ECOSCALE

$198.00 *

Advanced Poultry Hook

Product no.: ADHOOK

$219.00 *
In stock

High Accuracy ASTM Thermometer (F)

Product no.: ASTM18F

$246.00 *
In stock

BAT2 Scale kit

Product no.: BAT2

$5,000.00 *

Tiny Funnel

Product no.: BSB1007

$3.00 *
In stock

Polished Cotton Wick 13mm (1/2 inch) Full Roll 114m

Product no.: WICK1090

$247.00 *
In stock

Wick 6.35mm (1/4 inch) Roll 228.60 metres

Product no.: WICK461

$252.00 *

Wick 9.5mm (3/8 inch) Roll of 228.6 metres

Product no.: WICK735

$252.00 *

BAT1 Digital Scale

Product no.: BAT1SCALE

$1,973.40 *
In stock

Surefire Couma Blue Block, 2.4 or 8.0kg Tub


$83.00 *

Bellsouth Egg Candler Cree Q3

Product no.: CANDLBELL23

$28.00 *
In stock
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