New Look Manual 4.5 litre Drinker

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The Bellsouth New Look Drinker is designed specifically for Chicks. 

  • Each bottle is suitable for up to 50 chicks from day old and up
  • Bottle has 4.5L capacity
  • Space saving drinker for use in brooders
  • Often used in commercial broiler (for up to 10 days) and breeder farms as a supplementary drinker alongside nipple lines
  • Can be custom made in different colours (minimum order required)
  • Has a viewing 'window' to check water level
  • Water base has higher side walls making it difficult for chicks to get into the water 
  • Made from UV stabalised plastic
  • Bellsouth owned design, both the bottle and base are proudly made in Australia

Note: How long you use this drinker for raising chicks depends on the chicks and their individual growth rate. Not intended as a drinker for adult birds. 




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