Triangular Nipple Drinker Kit


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Handy 10 nipple, hanging nipple drinker.  Includes valve and 3 metres of tubing.  This chicken drinker will suit 50 chooks, but more quail or chicks.

Please read our explanation of Water pressure here

The unit will require a pressure regulator for town pressure, but will accept 3m of head pressure as it is.  Please Read our explanation of Water pressure, as published in Australasian Poultry Magazine.

The unit hangs down and its movement acts as a distractor for birds at times, the nipples do not have splash cups so this should be considered. 

The triangular tank allows for correct nipple pressure , and is hung using the rope supplied. 3m of tubing is supplied.

One has to screw the valve in a long way until the trigger inside is activated, a plumbing spanner is likely needed as its hard to finger tighten...well if it was easy that would be a worry!!!

There are a number of ways to connect the tubing to a water supply, Bellsouth have a good deal of plumbing parts and also the Plasson saddle connector could be used as the tubing fits.

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