Rcom Maru 100MX Hatcher Brooder Deluxe (Pre-Order)

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** Available for Pre-Order ** Delivery ETA approx 8-12 weeks

The MARU 100MX Egg Hatcher/Brooder can hold between 48-70 Chicken eggs, this equates to about two chicken egg trays from a MARU 380 setter.

  • Commercial use only
  • The Maru Hatcher has a dander filter however all the same maintenance is important, as this is the 'messy' part of incubation
  • Front and Top Air Vents allow fresh air to flow into the unit
  • Deluxe features include cabinet LED indoor light, easy to use controls, PTC water heater for fast humidity control
  • Door Open detection - built-in 'open door detection' micro switch to prevent temporary temperature variation whilst opening and closing the door
  • Abnormal temperature (high & low) alarm for external temperature change
  • Using a Hatcher in conjunction with your setter (incubator) is a cleaner, more hygienic, more efficient and more effective way of hatching eggs
  • Capacity between 48-70 eggs
  • Back to base warranty (Commercial unit)
  • Due to size, this unit usually delivered on a pallet - Please advise in comments section if Forklift is available at delivery site.

​*   Please note that this unit must be used in a controlled, stable, environment or Incubation Room which has a consistent temperature range of between 20C - 25C, 24/7 (including overnight).



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