Rcom Maru 190 Deluxe Incubator (Pre-Order)

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** Available for Pre-Order ** ETA approx 8-12 weeks

The Maru 190 Deluxe cabinet Incubator is the next size up after the Rcom 50 range and can hold three (3) egg trays at a time so it is ideal for staggered incubation, as this enables you to set one tray of eggs each week if needed.

  • Commercial use only
  • Automatic, cradle type turning function and a jog dial
  • Digital temperature and humidity control.
  • Includes an internal light and door sensing function for temperature compensation, an improved insulation board and updated humidifier.
  • Setting Trays not included, these need to be ordered separately
  • Capacity - 168 Chicken eggs (approx). 
  • Setting Trays should hold 56* Chicken Eggs (*depending upon their size). 
  • Dimensions - 440mm (wide) x 419mm (deep) x 823mm (high).
  • External water tank Not supplied (not available) - Simply use your demineralised water bottle with a hole made in the lid for the silicon tube, bottle placed beside the machine only; never above 
  • It is essential to use distilled or demineralised water only - Rain, tank, tap, boiled, bottled or even “purified” water are not suitable, the use of anything other than distilled or demineralised water will void Warranty and damage the machine.  
  • Essential to use an independent Surge Protection power plug or UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs. 

Larger egg incubators like the Maru series are for setting eggs only (incubating them up until the last three days, or before lock down). It is recommended to use a separate hatcher, the Maru 100 H&B is designed specifically for this purpose, click here for more information. Attempting to hatch in the machine can cause cross contamination or disease and may damage the machine.  

* This unit must be used in a controlled environment/incubation room which has a consistent temperature range of between 20C - 25C (24/7). Operating the unit below 20C will cause it to struggle to maintain temperature and below 15C will likely cause damage trying to compensate for temperature fluctuations, it may even shut down completely. Operating in rooms over 25C may cause overheating and will lessen the units lifespan. You should also be mindful that fire places, ducted heating/cooling and air conditioners can have a significant impact on the ambient humidity of your room.  Keep in mind also that the machine can only increase and sustain humidity, it cannot decrease it.

** Delivery of cabinet incubators can only be done on a pallet with a forklift required at delivery point. Please confirm access to a forklift in comments section to assist with unloading at your chosen delivery address.

*** Back to base warranty (Commercial item).


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