Curadle 60 (small) Pet Animal Brooder ICU (Pre-Order)

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Curadle 60 animal ICU brooder is the state of the art care unit for sick and new-born animals. Popular with Veterinary practitioners and serious puppy breeders, the ICU features everything needed to successfully raise new-born animals or care for sick or injured animals.

The unit although labelled as a pet brooder, is equally able to be used as a bird brooder.

Features include:Mutomatic temperature setting and control

  • Digital temperature & humidity display
  • Automatic humidity control with built-in pumping system
  • Automatic control and setting for Temperature and Humidity
  • Centralised heating system
  • 5 stage dimmer devices for indoor illumination control
  • Suitable to use with a Nebuliser and/or oxygen concentrator (not included)
  • Dimensions: Internal L 410 x W 400 x H 390 mm, External L 655 x W 470 x H 440mm, Capacity 60L

The Curadle has the ability to be attached to a Nebuliser, which is great when caring for sick animals. The nebuliser attaches directly to the unit, pushing medicine around the machine using a specialised fan.

The Pet Brooder includes some excellent features for maintaining extreme hygiene. It features a built-in Antibiotic/Deodorising air filter, a humidification system designed to eliminate germs from the water and a removable bottom tray for exceptionally easy cleaning.

** Pre order today, unit will be shipped to you once it arrives into our warehouse 


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