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The Rcom Bird Brooder 90 ICU, specially designed unit to help care for and assist sick and newborn birds and small animals. Popular with hobbyists, Veterinary practioners, Parrot and Puppy breeders. The ICU features everything needed to successfully raise new born or care for sick and inured birds and small animals.  

Features include:

  • Digital temperature and humidity display
  • Automatic humidity control with built-in pumping system (note this unit cannot de-humidify)
  • Automatic control and setting for temperature and humidity
  • Centralised heating system
  • Built-in Anion activation function (believed to increase vitality and help with recovering from fatigue) 
  • Recessed, slide out brooding tray for easy cleaning
  • 10 stage dimmer device for indoor illumination control
  • Alarm function in case of abnormal temperature
  • Dimensions: External 855mm Long x 470mm Wide x 440mm High, Internal 610 Long x 400 Wide x 390 High, Capacity 90L
  • Unit must be operated in a stable environment of temperature ranging between 20 - 25C
  • Distilled/Demineralised water to be used in the machine only and we recommend operating with an independent power surge protector or UPS
  • Also available in the smaller BS500

​* Note this unit does not have a Nebuliser attachment, if you are needing this function please see the Rcom Pet Brooder ICU.

The ICU Bird Brooder includes some excellent features for maintaining extreme hygiene. It features a built-in Antibiotic/Deodorising Air Filter, a Humidification system designed to eliminate germs from the water and a removable bottom tray for exceptionally easy cleaning. 

Used extensively in Vet Clinics, Zoos and Wildlife care facilities, however it is also ideal for the home enthusiast. 



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