Rcom Suro Eco Hatcher/Brooder

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The Rcom King Suro Eco Hatcher/Brooder is an ideal hatching option for smaller producers and backyarders. The user needs to manually adjust the temperature using the provided screwdriver.

  • Capacity - 10-15 Chicken eggs, 7-10 Duck eggs, 5-7 Goose eggs or 30-40 Quail eggs
  • Ideal if you do staggered incubations
  • Manually adjustable temperature control using the screwdriver provided
  • Plastic (ABS) Mesh divider floor has embossed design to prevent skidding/slipping 
  • Variable air control lever on lid helps to control the amount of air inside the unit
  • Detachable controller for easy cleaning of the machine
  • Large transparent viewing window
  • Once chicks have hatched, dried and fluffed up (usually 24 hours) move them in to their brooder box (if using)
  • If using the unit as a Hatcher and Brooder then the capacity will need to be adjusted as the chicks grow
  • Designed to operate in an incubation room whereby the temperature is around 20-25C, 24/7
  • Please note that this unit does NOT regulate humidity. Control ambient humidity by closing/opening the variable air control lever. 
  • The unit also does not include V-Clips or Hatching Pad (both can be ordered separately if you need/want them).

* Remember to plug your Eco Hatcher/Brooder into a surge protection power plug or UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to protect the internal digital parts against power spikes and brown outs.



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