SKA 10 Hole Rollaway Nest

SKA 10 Hole Rollaway Nest

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10 hole Rollaway Nests for 50 layer hens, suits free range producers. No nesting material needed.

These Rollaway nests are a new system which uses no litter in the nest box. The specially shaped moulded plastic bowls encourage nesting behaviour. The bird enters the nest and proceeds to scratch out a nestplace. The moulded mesh floor in the bowl cleans the birds feet and their body warmth quickly heats the plastic of the bowl to ensure it remains dry and comfortable. The nests contain no loose parts to catch on the birds feet. Once the eggs are laid they immediately roll away from the bird and under the egg cover.

Clean, easy to maintain, with eggs safely away from the birds, avoiding losses due to breakage or vice. These nests are designed to be fitted on the inside of the shed and are dispatched as a flat pack with the sheet metal, nest bowls, rivets, nuts and bolts, including a new design plastic step (updated pictures coming soon). You will require a pop rivet gun and screwdriver for the assembly as it is mostly held together by rivets. For factory pickups, the nests can be pre-assembled at an extra cost and need 3 working days notice. The most efficient small producer nest we have ever seen.

Dimensions: Width 1300mm, Height 900mm and depth 550mm. Entry perches do not flip up.


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