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Handy and decent information from Bellsouth

Handy and decent information from Bellsouth

We at Bellsouth have always provided information to Australians trying to encourage people to get into chooks. This ranged from a onsite print press in the 1980's, a backyard poultry club before the internet existed and during a time when keeping chickens was definetly a pastime for farmers, fanciers and poor people, it was definetly not a pastime of urban dwellers at that time. Much has changed but one thing hasn't Bellsouth still provides information. This information is largely solid and doesn't change with trends or whats may be selling online or what people think is a funky new product. Chickens and poultry need the same things as ever.

Good access to clean quality food and water (not just grass and scraps), good accommodation (an ongoing issue), well considered equipment such as feeders and chicken drinkers , installed in the correct places to enable a peaceful flock and clean eggs. Bellsouth is naturally involved with incubation of eggs, from export to China of large scale, Bellsouth made and designed (yes in Australia) incubators in the 1990s to making our own small incubator for 35 years, again here in Australia. We also made an app to help people globally track their incubation batches and understand incubation and chicken raising neccessities more. We also import quality goods from a wide range of manufacturers world wide, we don't tend to buy gear and re-label it, trying to imply we made it. If we do make it we say so, if not, we are clear where things come from. People may notice Bellsouth gear is not the absolute cheapest on the market, that's because it is highly likely it is not the cheapest gear in Australia, that is not our goal, poultry deserve better than this and so do our customers, we focus of gear that does the job and lasts. We are interested in sustainability( poultry being an important part of this) and cheap gear most often does not meet quality and sustainability expectations we have. 

But back, to information we supply, please check it out, most is downloadable and printable but it may not look mega funky, however it is a collection of real information on poultry.

Here we will try a blog on the eshop again, after a rebuild. We have had a Blog before but it seemed superflous given we have a large section on information pages on two websites for example:

Bellsouth Information pages on our eshop


Bellsouth Resources on our information webpages


News feeds in relation to poultry internationally and Australia wide, and a separate Blog.

Thanks, from Simon

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