Egg Signals

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A practical guide to improving egg quality

Released in Feb 2017 the English version of Egg Signals, like poultry signals , layer and broiler Signals, is written , not as a textbook but as a learning tool, teaching us to observe and analyse what we see. Egg Signals  follows the egg’s progress through all the links in the chain, from poultry farmer to packer, processor, and consumer. It describes the creation of the egg’s unique composition. Optimising egg quality is one of the most important points in the entire poultry chain. You can certainly influence an egg’s quality before the hen lays it, but it is critical to take steps to maintain egg quantity after laying as well. Successful professionals know how to manage egg quality, keep it under control, and make decisions based on their production and their flock.

That involves an eye for detail. Egg Signals shows you how to develop and train that ‘eye’.

Regularly ask yourself the following questions:

What do I see?

What does it mean?

What should I do?

This book will help you to gain firmer insight into the process. In addition, Egg Signals provides answers to questions such as these: How are eggs with optimal quality created? What type of hen lays them? How do you prevent abnormalities? How do you add value? Even the position of a crack, for example, can tell you a lot about the cause.

Egg Signals uses 650 photographs and images to illustrate the basis of thinking about quality, and describes how to act accordingly. This book employs real-life cases taken directly from practice, leading to satisfied poultry professionals and happy consumers! 


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