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Released in April 2019 (the English version) oTurkey Signals, is written, not as a textbook but as a learning tool, teaching us to observe and analyse what we see. Turkey Signals, is a well illustrated guide with 197 pages for turkey producers, but will help fanciers due to the facts and figures, observations and descriptions of issues and possible solutions to those issues. The Turkey Signals book starts with a little history and a more general view of husbandry from stocking densities to ventilation and incubation. This Signals book then becomes more detailed as it includes information such as climate, effects of problems and learnings about housing. Gut health is an example of one chapter.

Turkey Signals shows you how to develop and train that ‘eye’ for details, and act on the signals you observe. Regularly ask yourself the following questions: What do I see?, What does it mean? and What should I do?

This book will help you to gain firmer insight into the process. In addition, this book employs real-life cases taken directly from practice, leading to satisfied poultry professionals and happy      consumers! Its not a cheap boook by any stretch but it is written by experts and illustrated to help people raise turkeys well, not just demonstate knowledge.

Turkey Signals should be an essential resource for every Turkey Breeder.



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