Doyens Number 2 Sussex by P. Smith. Paperback

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Australian poultry publication originally written in 2000 (Reprinted 2016). The second breed monograph in the Doyens of Poultry series. The purpose of the series is to bring to poultry breeders and fanciers a series of breed books designed to be used as a reference source as well as for instructional purposes. Very little knowledge is assumed on the part of the reader but it is expected that by the end of the book the reader will know enough about the breed to set out on the challenge of poultry breeding and exhibiting. These Doyen's poultry books are unique and are written from extensive interviews conducted by Adrian Kuys, with the leading breeders of our time. Most of the photographs are of real birds belonging to the breeder. The authority for the content of the books lies with the featured breeder, also extensive research has been conducted into the Australian History of each featured breed with a view to giving readers some picture of the Sussex's development in this country. Softcover 21cm x 15cm 80 pages with 16 coloured pages. 


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Doyens Number 1 Australorp. Ray Connor. Paperback Doyens Number 1 Australorp. Ray Connor. Paperback
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