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Virkon® S is used by vets and quarantine stations, as a foot dip for farms, and as a fogging additive for nesting boxes to minimise disease as it is a proven disease control disinfectant . Use Virkon as a spray and for cleaning out poultry water systems. When mixed with water it will turn pink when ingredients are active and ready to use! 

Virkon® can be used for disinfecting eggs (for incubation eggs only - not eggs for human consumption) as part of a breeding program. Disinfecting the shell will assist in breaking the transmission cycle of organisms during incubation.  Virkon® is effective against Rotovirus and can assist in eradicating the disease.  It can be used pigeons for disinfecting pigeon lofts, equipment, feeder and drinkers. Virkon® S performs agains viruses, Salmonella, bacteria and fungi.

Excellent for disinfecting equipment and surfaces such as nests and watering systems. Fogging is beneficial in routine disinfection on pre-cleaned surfaces. The benefits of routine cold fogging with this disinfectant include its wide-ranging anti-microbial action and minimal action required to disinfect large areas. Fogging is effective in disinfecting dust in the loft air and droplets from coughing birds.

Use contents of sachet immediately or place unused remnant in an air tight container to maintain shelf life.  Virkon® comes with an expiry date so please confirm this with Bellsouth if it is going to be a concern for you.

Do not fog or spray directly on or at birds or on metal. Not suitable for coccidiossis or parasites.

Assists in minimising microbial contamination in hard to reach areas.

  • For physically clean eggs use 1 tablet per litre of warm water
  • For stained eggs use 1 tablet per 500ml of warm water
  • Dissolve tablet in required amount of warm water, and place in hand pump pack spray bottle
  • As soon as possible after collection, place eggs in standard plastic egg trays, and spray liberally with warm Virkon solution until surface is covered. Do not rub. Allow the eggs to air dry. Store the eggs until setting time at recommended temperatures (between 12 and 18 degrees)
  • Virkon S can be used as a general disinfectant and dilutuions as low as one tablet in 5 litres. Caution, can cause corrosion to metal at higher concentrations.

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