20kg Treadle Feeder

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The Supreme 20kg Treadle Feeders are a high quality product manufactured in Italy. Weather resistant and are suitable for outdoor use.

  • This Chicken feeder holds up to 20kg/28L of feed.
  • Suitable for up to 20 Chickens. As a rule of thumb, plan for a large chook eating about 200grams of feed per day.
  • This unit has a fully adjustable, feed distribution shutter installed. This easily allows you to change the flow of feed, depending upon its size. Make sure it is set right before fully filling up the feeder though.
  • Poultry step onto the treadle then the flap opens allowing poultry to access covered feed.
  • Treadle has an adjustable weight setting, from 250g to 2.0kg.
  • A rubber Bumper is installed in the feeder to reduce noise when the tilt door hitting the back wall. 
  • Designed to reduce small animals such as wild birds, mice and rats accessing the feed.
  • Dimensions when set up: 640mm high x 370mm wide x 270mm opening. 
  • Has a specially designed perforated treadle floor, anti waste grill and an anti-drip brim to avoid wet feed. 
  • Comes pre-assembled - only thing you need to do is attach the treadle and the feet. Instructions provided.
  • Sent in a compact and sturdy carton to ensure the feeder arrives in perfect condition.

​If your birds have never used a Treadle Feeder before easily train them to access the feed by using a weight to hold down the treadle floor for a day or two, allowing easy access to the feed. Remove the weight once they are regularly feeding from the feeder.


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