Easy Drinker Nipple Assembly Kit (not complete)

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** Price reduced as this kit is missing some parts ** (see notes below)

This Poultry Drinker Kit suits about 10 to 20 chooks, parts when assembled become an automatic nipple drinker system

Nipples are the most hygienic of the chicken drinker systems but some chooks - Silkies, and Polish, for example will stuggle getting used to them or even using them at all. Most other chooks and chicks will be able to use a nipple drinker system.

This chook drinker kit has been devised to be modular and can be sent in the post (unlike the commercial systems we have available). No glue is required to assemble this kit, just firm "elbow grease" .

Kit Includes two Nipple Drinker Assemblies (2 nipples each), Pressure Regulator (for the Nipples), Pressure reducer and filter( for the system), agricultural cord, cord adjusters, cord clamps, breathers and metal supports ** See notes below.

The kit can be extended easily buy purchasing an additional nipple assembly and supports as required.

We have Youtube videos showing how to construct this assembly and decent Instructions.

An overview of the parts is also on youtube here, Bellsouth Easy Drinker(Nipple) Asembly Kit

Instructions are show on the Product Data Sheet section

** Missing parts - Spring Support for risers and the Risers with the plug and ball in them ** - You should be able to pick these parts up from a good hardware store or irrigation supplier.

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