Easy Chicken Nipple Drinker Regulator

Easy Chicken Nipple Drinker Regulator

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Unique Pressure regulator designed for the Easy drinker system ( nipple). Allows 22mm square pipe and round pipe ( 26.6mm diameter). This is a unique feature, allowing commercial square nipple pipe to be used along with the Easy drinker moulde nipple assemblies. Similar to our Lubing pressure regulators. Will regulate the pressure right down at  pressure suitable for chicken nipple drinkers, that is about 30cm head. So this pressure regulator is designed for use with thebellsouth Easy drinker (nipple) system but can also be used with traditional 22mm square nipple pipe.

Incoming pressure should be about 175Kpa, It is a good idea to ensure this by putting a pressure reducer before this regulator, We use one with incorporated water filter seen in our poly fittings section. If the incoming pressur eis too high water will spurt out of the beather.

This regulator has a breather and red ball indicator to show the height of water column , adjustable within the breathers range by a knob at the bottom. This poultry drinker regulator does not have a flush knob, unlike the Lubing chicken drinker regulator.

Usually we will have assembled this drinker regulator so it can be hung, however the breather and red ball will come unassembled, so it can be packed efficiently. Comes with connector plug for tap adaptor ( not neccessarily the adaptor itself which people tend to have arround the place but, for 13mm garden hose .


For an idea of its use, video shows pressure reducer first but it is related




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