Hedipack 6 Egg Stamp

Hedipack 6 Egg Stamp

Product no.: HEDI6STAMPFC
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Hediflex 6 egg stamper. Custom made with your number. Hediflex have been making egg stampers for years from single hand stampers to automated stampers. Please call us to discuss your egg printing needs. Costs are related to how many heads and the grader you wish to attach printing to. Comes with European food grade ink. Include your 4 digit PIC code in the comments field when your order online. As stampers are custom numbered it may take a couple of weeks for product to come in. Single head stamper, 6 in a row, 5 in a row infeed flex printer. Hedipack have made systems for most graders. See the 10 egg hand stamper equipvalent on Bellsouth Youtube channel

The single egg stamp includes a small amount of ink but otherwise ink will need to be ordered separately.
50mL of ink will stamp roughly 100,000 eggs.  (This is an approximation, not a guarantee and will vary depending on stamp image/code and appropriate usage).

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