HP45 Ink Cartridge

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Ink Cartridge to fit HP45 Egg printers such as Foxjet requiring cartridge.

  • These are not 'chipped' (see notes below)
  • Contain food grade ink
  • Ink dries well on egg surface
  • The ink is darker because of the dyes used
  • Many printers in use in Australia use HP45 cartridges, just check the cartridge you currently use .

With some printers, such as the Foxjet, the light will flash as if there is no cartridge installed, but they work. Most brands will say not to use aftermarket ink but then do not supply food grade ink for them. 

Note normal colour stocked is a red colour, other colours such as pink/magenta, green or black can be ordered in however minimum numbers are required and you may need to wait until we get new stock until your colour will arrive. Given current delivery time frames this may take a few months to come in, but if you regularly buy it, we will try to stock it.

** When in use in a Foxjet printer these cartridges can take about 15-20 seconds for the printer to 'see' them and/or acknowledge that they can print, this is because they do not have a computer chip.


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