Microswitch E1 E2 E3 CRI

Microswitch E1 E2 E3 CRI

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New microswitch to replace the Multiquip microswitches. Warning: Installation should be conducted by a qualified electrician. The Burgess range of thermostat micro-switches is now obsolete and we have used up all available stock. The Lyon Microswitch is now the only reasonable alternative that is close . 

There are two Installation options:

Option 1

Completely replace the bracket, switch and wafer assembly. This requires use of screwdrivers, soldering iron, and a driver drill to reinstall, and should be done by a qualified electrician.

1/ Unscrew the lid of the incubator and remove. Unscrew the shaft from the existing assembly and remove the wafer and the shaft from the incubator

2/ Remove the old microswitch. Undo the two screws which hold the bracket to the wall of the incubator

3/ Remove the wiring from the old microswitch, and feed the wires through the cover of the new microswitch, and solder onto the connections of the new switch as shown below


4/ Using the self drilling screws, mount the new bracket in the incubator so the control shaft goes through the hole on the front of the incubator

5/ Mount the new control shaft in the bracket, and mount the wafer on the control shaft Replace the lid on the top of the incubator

6/ IMPORTANT It is essential that the incubator be monitored during testing. Turn on the incubator, the lamps should switch on immediately. The incubator will heat until the switch turns off the lamps. Check the thermometer and when the incubator temperature approaches 95 degrees commence winding the thermostat in the lower direction until the lamps switch off. Progressively raise the temperature until the required temperature is obtained and the incubator lamps are cycling on and off.


Option 2

Change only the microswitch and keep the same bracket, shaft and wafer.

1/ Remove the switch only from the old bracket

2/ Solder the new switch as diagram below

3/ Follow the item, 6 above.

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