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A neat poultry feeder, made from uv treated plastics in the UK. The Handy Ultimate allows 12Kg of feed, it has a handle built in, lid and feet (push fit if you want to use them) with antiscratch fins on the silo which also can be height adjusted.  Plus the feeder pan has a specially designed lip to further prevent scratching out. These features do all possible to avoid wastage of food in a simple and effective feeder. This is a gravity fed feeder or hanging feeder, the handle is built into the feeder stem and rope or hook can be inserted through the handle. It is sophisticated thinking for a simple feeder.

If you estimate 250 grams per day per chook, this feeder will allow 3 weeks feed for two large chook , 10 days for 5 chooks wtc. Suits a moderate flock and a small pen. If you have a few chickens i.e 10 it isn't unwise to consider haveing two smaller feeders to ensure access to feed.  The Handy feeder should allow 5-6 chooks to feed at the same time and being a round feeder as better access than all other types of feeder.

Note: one picture shows a handy feeder without the anti scratch fins. The item we sell has fins on the silo, its called the Handy Ultimate but its the only one we sell so its just the 12 kg handy feeder here. We will try and update pictures though.


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