Rcom Maru CD 1000 Deluxe Incubator (Pre-Order)

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** AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ** Delivery ETA approx 8-12 weeks

The Maru 1000CD Deluxe Incubator offers a jog dial to control digital temperature and humidity, adjust automatic turning timing. High performance digital incubator with artificial inelligence.

  • Commercial Unit
  • Must be used in a stable, temperature controlled environment - ideally at 20-25 degress Celsius (see notes below)
  • Built in LED dome light for ease of viewing when door is open
  • Trays shown in picture are Universal Egg Trays, which are not included and must be ordered separately (16 trays in total)
  • Door sensing function to prevent temperature over compensation
  • Water container not sold in Australia - we suggest using the bottle that your demineralised water comes in. 
  • The Maru 1000 Deluxe is a Setter, that is it should be teamed with a separate hatcher with filter so that fans and motors are not gunged up. This Method is more efficient than hatching inside an incubator and has better   results. It is more efficient and more hygienic.  
  • Incubator Dimensions: 816mm w x 963mm h x 823mm deep, 88kg, 150 watts app. (Tip: this incubator is large and will not fit through a standard door)
  • Delivery will be on a pallet which will require a forklift at delivery point for receiving, please confirm this in the comments section when ordering.

Egg setting capacity - 576 Chicken Eggs (36 eggs per tray, 16 trays per unit)

Larger incubators are for setting eggs only and are not recommended for hatching. Click here to see the Maru 380 H&B (Hatcher Brooder). This allows superior disease control and peak performance.


  1. External water tank is not supplied. We suggest using the bottle your demineralised water comes in just with a hole made in the lid for the silicon tube.
  2. Must be used in a controlled environment/incubation room which has a consistent temperature range of between 20C - 25C (24/7). Operating the unit below 20C will cause it to struggle to maintain temperature and below 15C will likely cause damage trying to compensate for temperature fluctuations, it may even shut down completely. Operating in rooms over 25C may cause overheating and will lessen the units lifespan and may void warranty. You should also be mindful that fire places, ducted heating/cooling and air conditioners can have a significant impact on the ambient humidity of your room.  Keep in mind also that the machine can only increase and sustain humidity, it cannot decrease it.
  3. Delivery of cabinet incubators can only be done on a pallet with a forklift required at delivery point. Please confirm access to a forklift in comments section to assist with unloading at your chosen delivery address.
  4. Back to base warranty (Commercial item).


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