EGGCEPTIONAL-Q 20L Egg Wash Liquid


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Eggceptional Q Egg Washing Liquid has been developed by Bellsouth mainly for the discarded wash solution, egg wash machines with brushes, such as the Sanitouch egg washers. For these machines 100 or 200 ppm is sufficient levels of Quat'.

  • QUAT' disinfectants, when dried on the egg, are more active for longer than chlorine based disinfectants
  • Disposal of waste solution must be considered, never put this into your biological sewerage tank as the disinfectant is persistant and could stop your sewarge system working
  • Eggceptional Q should also provide quicker drying of eggs as some ingredients act to disperse water.
  • Use a Quat Tape test strip to determine the correct level in your solution tank or washer before commencing
  • To order Quat Tape direct from supplier click here.
  • Cannot be shipped via Australia Post, must be sent via Courier or can be picked up from our Warehouse (call ahead to confirm stock availability)


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