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"Laying hens are not egg laying machines. Proper care requires knowledge of the animal and the capability to use this in practice for optimal results." Not all poultry farmers maximise the full potential of their birds, in both cage and floor systems. Your birds continually send out signals: about their health, how well they know their surroundings and whether they feel happy and comfortable. Proper management starts with recognising those signals in practice.

  • Do you recognise the signals your birds are giving?
  • Do you know the difference between abnormal, runny droppings and healthy caecal droppings?
  • Are you able to identify abnormalities of the egg and trace this back to the cause? And do something about it?

If you recognise the signs that point to potential problems, then make sure you are armed with the information to take the appropriate steps to get your flock back on track.  To do so, you must know all the ins and outs of your own farm and be able to assess the impact these changes will have on your animals.

A valuable resource for any farmer.

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