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Astroturf Poultry Pad 91cm

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Astroturf poulry pads are easily cleaned and a practical nesting material.  This 91cm wide Astroturf is sold by the metre and cut to the total length ordered, cut to size as one lenght and packaged as a roll (not as separate 1m lengths). Astroturf poultry pads are a specially developed egg laying mat for larger rollaway nests. The design of the "prongs" on this mat allow the chooks to scratch around in natural nesting behaviour, cleaning the nest area and their feet in the process. The perforated base allows the small particles to fall away from the mat, keeping the nest, and the eggs, cleaner. The astroturf is easily cleaned by removing, shaking and washing it in soapy water.  It is best to ensure the pads are sanitary.  A standard roll is 16m long and may be more economical, if you're looking to buy larger lengths.  Astroturf poultry pad comes in different sizes available to suit most nests, though primarily it is used for Avio colonies. 

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