Adjustable LPG Regulator and 2.4m Hose for Gas Brooder

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Adjustable high pressure LPG Gas Regulator and 2.4m Hose suitable for use for direct connection to the gas bottle for use with Gas Brooder. The regulator allows some adjustability but does not turn the gas off. So when the gas setting on the regulator is at Zero the gas is running on 1/2 flow, not zero. This makes the regulator more finely adjustable on the levels most people need for chicken brooding or poultry brooding.

* This Standard adjustable Regulator and Hose must be used with all ZRF Gas Brooders as regular BBQ regulators are not compatible.

** Please note that delivery from our Supplier may take up to 8 weeks (order early).

See Gas Brooding.



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Radiant Gas Brooder, Manual Ignition 200 Chicks Radiant Gas Brooder, Manual Ignition 200 Chicks
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