Radiant Gas Brooder, Manual Ignition 400 Chicks

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SBM Radiant, Ceramic, Gas-fired (LPG) Brooders are able to direct heat effectively. Infrared rays produce heat within the objects they meet, not by warming the air around them, concentrating heat where it is needed and propogate naturally in the chosen direction without losing energy during transmission.

  • Radiant heaters bring optimum comfort with energy consumption, which is considerably lower than any other form of heating
  • Infrared heating is almost instantaneous, therefore the comfort level is reached very rapidly
  • Suitable for 400 chicks
  • Silent operation and creates no draughts or dust movement
  • Manual Ignition
  • The honeycomb pattern and outlets of each individual plaque keep combustion inside the ceramic material, increasing the surface temperature as well as the infrared heat emission
  • The casing and reflector assemblies provide robust construction allowing for a long operating life
  • Supplied complete with inlet air filter and suspension bracket 
  • Heaters are AGA Approved (#GMK10653) for operation on LPG at a pressure range between 5.0 and 15 kPa so that all models can be operated at high or low rate to suit the temperature conditions required
  • Click here for more information regarding the use and set up of Radiant Gas Brooders
  • Click here for video instructions on how to clean your Radiant Gas Brooder 
  • It is recommended to use only with approved Regulator and Hose suitable for these units, normal BBQ regulators are not suitable
  • If you are located in an area that gets quite cold, especially at night, you should consider getting the next unit up
  • Please note delivery from our supplier may take up to 8 weeks (order early)

Keep in mind there is no substitute for observation. If chicks are noisy anytime, something is wrong. If they form a wedge shape there is a draft somewhere on the pointy end of the wedge. The chicks will tell you if they are unhappy.

** Units also available suitable for 200, 600 and 1500 Chicks


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