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Bellsouth 100 Incubator with automatic hourly turning.  The Bellsouth 100 Incubator has a Polystyrene body and proudly made in Australia. Holds 48 chicken eggs. Dimensions: 49w x 23h x 66l. Automatic turning has two advantages over manual or semi-automatic turning:

The first reason to purchase this unit is convenience. Turn on the power, set up the rack, press the test button to check the amount of rotation and every hour the turner will do the rest. Remember you do need to turn off the turner drive 3 days before hatch. The second reason is not so apparent. Turning the eggs ensures the embryo will rotate in the egg. This ensures the chick access to all the nutrients in the egg. If the nutrient levels are not ideal, automatic turning ensures that all the nutrients are available to the chick, so hatching is better if nutrients are inadequate. Of course addition of vitamins to the breeder diet also helps.

The operation of the turner is simple. The gear on the drive motor engages with teeth moulded in the moving incubator tray. The eggs are arranged in neat rows, which should be adjusted for the different sizes of eggs. Turn on the power and the tray will drive back to its home position and stop. Wait 15 seconds and the timer will automatically drive the tray out. The distance is dependent on the control, clockwise means more length of stroke, so more turning of the egg.. You can check the stroke anytime by pressing the test button. Operates with ambient temperature above 15 degrees Celcius.

When incubating, setting and hatching always ensure the incubation room (ambient for the machine) is at a reasonable temperature and humidity, all Egg Incubator machines operate within a range and outside of that range results will vary.

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Bellsouth 100 Egg incubator instruction manual

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