Wise Cage Feeder 5kg Grey

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BEC has designed the revolutionary new Wise chook feeder for poultry keepers who are looking to increase their feeding efficiency. The Wise Feeder is a Chicken Feeder designed to fit on almost any surface—cages, sheds, walls, trees and fence posts.

  • Modular feeder with a 5kg capacity
  • Consider additing an Extension Cartridges (Silos) to increase the capacity from the basic 5kg cage feeder right up to 20kg wall mounted option
  • Great way to ensure you have the correct amount of feed available to your birds
  • The design allows easy access to the lid of the feeder without disturbing caged birds, making it ideal for certain types of game birds and poultry
  • Has a rain shield to protect the feed and a fine dust drain in the base
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
  • It will take nearly all types of feed and prevents ‘scratching out’ by birds
  • The Wise Feeder also restricts vermin accessing your expensive feed
  • Suitable for up to 8 Chickens.

See wisefeeder on Bellsouth Youtube


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