Animal Brooder Kit, 30cm Large Shade, 250 Watt Element

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Large Shade, High Heat 250w Brooder, suitable for small animals such as dogs, pigs and ostrich.

  • Emits radiant heat only (no light)
  • Large 30cm diameter Aluminium Shade
  • Element shape may vary between lollipop (most common) or conical - shape will not affect performance
  • Kit comes with socket and cord, ready to assemble, plug in and use
  • These "old" style, commercial type of brooders are sold because their height can be easily adjusted to suit your needs
  • The quality is high and the German made 250w element is long lasting
  • The elements, being ceramic do not like moisture or being dropped though

For brooding information, not neccessarily animal related please read Brooder Methods


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Brooder Reflector Large 30cm Brooder Reflector Large 30cm
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Pig Vaccinator Dual Pig Vaccinator Dual
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$55.00 *
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