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Whiter than white chook washing and rinsing

Kit comes with a little Reckitts block and a Small Muslin bag to hold the Reckitts in when you duck it into water.

Step 1. Exhibition Chicken and poultry washing Wash your poultry 3 to 4 days before showing. This ensures they are dry and enables preening and re-oiling of feathers. The bath water should be tepid (not hot) with minimal shampoo being worked into the body, legs, feet and soiled areas of the bird. The bird's body and legs only will be submerged for washing.

Step 2. Chicken/Duck, poultry  Rinsing 

It's best to use two large buckets of rinse water (or have more on hand if doing many). The water should be comfortably warm (not hot). The bird's body and legs need to be submerged in this water mixture.

The second bucket should contain water slightly cooler than the first to remove shampoo, vinegar or other residue. Place your Reckitts blue (without wrapper) in the drawstring bag. Tie up your Reckitts Crown bluing (see photo below). Mix the bluing in a separate container until light or sky blue and then pour it into the rinse bucket - this is to avoid too much bluing. Too much bluing will leave a blue cast and is only corrected when the bird moults.


Step 3. Chook Drying After the second rinse,wrap bird in an absorbent towel. Allow the towel to absorb as much of the water as possible. Place the chicken or duck or fowl, in warm conditions to completely dry.

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