Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

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Non contact thermometer for measuring temperature quickly, without having to immerse or touch the object, measure eggshell temperature quickly, useful for eggwashing purposes.

This non contact thermometer is as accurate as most get without becoming too expensive.

Accuracacy varies with the temperature of the object being measured, but if we say 1.0 % +- 1 degree celcius then that is about the middle of the road i.e measuring between 20 to 300 degrees C.

display resolution of 0.1 degree celcius.

D:S ratio of 12:1 . As Distance D from the object increases  the Spot size mesured S increases, so for eggs we wants as large a D:S ratio as we can get ( small area being measured)without breaking the bank.

This thermometer can be used for other things like temperature mesurement of the floor, walls etc.

Shiny or glowing objects may make the thermometer less accurate, so check eggs when dry, i.e before washing. 

Some egg washing 'rules' say to wash eggs about 10-12 degrees above the shell or egg temp, using this thermometer one can get a good idea of the temp of the egg and then make your washing temperature 10 degrees higher, and often your rincing water 2-4 degrees above that. Some rules say a set temp' for egg washing, which is ok but if you wash eggs that are cold at a reasonably hot temp' you could be making things worse.

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