Avitrol Plus Wormer 100 Tablets


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Broad spectrum worming tablets for tape and hair worms. 

  • Avitrol is suitable for use with birds that are NOT for human consumption and NOT producing eggs for human consumption
  • It is, at present, the only medication which removes tape worm
  • Avitrol Plus contains Levamisole and Praxiquantil
  • Broad spectrum wormer, which treats most worms
  • Dose is one tablet per bantam, 2 tablets for large birds - Repeat 6 monthly or if worms are suspected
  • Avitrol Plus, 100 tablets per bottle
  • For breeder birds only, not food producing birds.
Tips for using Avitrol: Avitrol can be effectively used as a diagnostic tool, to determine the level of worm burden being carried by sample birds. Isolate a suspect bird in a cage with a wire floor. Under the floor place a sheet of cardboard, or heavy paper. Treat the bird with a full dose of Avitrol, that is 1 tablet for a bantam, 2 tablets for a medium fowl, 3 tablets for a very large fowl. By next morning the droppings of the bird should contain any worms the fowl was carrying. Flat segmented worms are tape worm, round smooth worms are round worm. Remember some worms are very small only 1-2mm long. These worms are made easy to see by placing the droppings into a long test tube with a filter screen halfway down. The small worms can be seen wiggling through the screen. If no worms are detected in the droppings, then treatment of the whole flock is not likely to be required. However more than 2-3 round worms and any tape worm requires whole flock treatment. If tape worms are found repeat treatment after 14 days may be required.



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